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Deleted Scenes
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This scene occurs when Doc and Marty are in 1955 and uncover the DeLorean, the scene that was cut contained Doc and Marty checking the tires only to have them disinigrate before their eyes.



Doc: You're sure you don't want to take this?

Marty: No, thanks. I don't know how to use it anyway.

This scene showed Doc offering his gun to Marty and Marty replies he doesn't know how to use it. But if Doc were to give Marty the gun what would he use in 1985 to try and stop the Libyans? What if he had to buy a new gun and in the parking lot in 1985 it worked and he killed the Libyans...Paradox? Also, Marty replies that he doesn't know how, which is completely false because Marty is a crackshot at Wild Gunman, he probably said that because if Marty were to kill Tannen there would most certainly be a paradox.



This scene shows Doc telling Marty that if he can't save his older self get the son of a bitch that killed him. This scene is part of the Back to the Future Part III British color Lobby Cards available from



This scene that was cut from the film has Marty sitting in the DeLorean with the gull wing door up and looking in his binoculars. It was most likely cut due to the length of the film, or the fact that this scene does not further the plot.



Doc: Just Try It Tannen!!

This scene is found on the trailer for BTTF3 at the end of BTTF2, it shows Doc with his gun screaming at Tannen. This scene would have occured after Marty is shot from the rope. I'm guessing would have occured a few lines after "It'll shoot the flea's off a dog's back at...". So, there may have also been another scene involving a threat from Buford Tannen.



Strickland: That's far enough Tannen, I don't want any trouble.

Buford: You stay out of my way and there won't be none. Drop it sonny.

Strickland: Do it son.

Strickland's Son: Yes Pa.

Buford: Now, I'm warning you Marshal, I'm here on a personal matter, if you want to live to see your boy grow up, you'll ride out of here for a few hours and leave me be.

Strickland: Let's go boy.

Strickland's Son: PA!!

Buford: I lied Marshal!

Strickland's Son: Pa...

Strickland: Remember that word Son - Discipline.

Strickland's Son: I will Pa.



This scene also appears on the trailer at the end of BTTF2. Marty and Jennifer are kissing in a different way than that of the actual film. In the film Marty kisses Jennifer while she is still asleep, she moves up to him and hugs him. In this version, they are already sitting face to face and then kiss.


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